EPF Members

All members are independent pharmacists who are active in the profession, at the forefront of modern pharmacy practice in their respective countries and across Europe. The membership of the EPF represents ten European countries: the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom. Today's President of the EPF is Paulo Duarte (Portugal).

Jiří Hromada Country: The Czech Republic
Philippe Gaertner Country: France
Bruno Julia Country: France
Philippe Pasdeloup Country: France
Luc Seigneur Country: France
Wolfgang Kempf Country: Germany
Walter Taeschner Country: Germany
Giovanna Ghiani Country: Italy
Costantino Gigliotti Country: Italy
Marcello Perego Country: Italy
Roberto Tobia Country: Italy
Frank Bruggeman Country: The Netherlands
Arno van Tilborg Country: The Netherlands
Paulo Duarte EPF President Country: Portugal
Ana Cristina Clarkson Gaspar Country: Portugal
João Silveira Country: Portugal
Florina Bonifate Country: Romania
Razvan Prisada Country: Romania
Luis Panadero Country: Spain
Rosa Puig Country: Spain
Toni Torres Country: Spain
Uğur Akkus Country: Turkey
Bahadır Eren Country: Turkey
Mehmet Sahin Country: Turkey
Gordon Addy Country: United Kingdom
Hiten Patel Country: United Kingdom
Jay Patel Country: United Kingdom
Mike Smith Country: United Kingdom
James McKay Country: United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)
Noel Wicks Country: United Kingdom (Scotland)