United Kingdom



  • Population: 63.7 million
  • Population > 65 years old: 16.98%
  • Pharmacies: c.14,186
  • Population per pharmacy: c.4,452
  • Total pharm spend: c.$24,685 million., c.$388 per person
  • Generic market share: 75% volume /37% value

Source: IMS 2014 , OECD 2015, PGEU Annual Report 2014




  • Maximum number of pharmacies per owner: No limit (except Competition Law). 61% of pharmacies in England belong to a pharmacy chain (>5 pharmacies in group) / 39% are independent pharmacies (1-5 pharmacies)
  • Ownership requirements: Pharmacies can be owned by pharmacists or corporate bodies. If owners are not pharmacists, then a superintendent pharmacist must be appointed

Source: IMS 2014, www.pharmine.org, WBA internal resources




  • VAT rate on drugs (%): 0% on reimbursed Rx drugs dispensed in retail pharmacies, hospital drugs eligible for dispensing outside hospital setting); 20% on all drugs sold to NHS hospitals, OTCs, private prescriptions and non-reimbursed prescriptions; and 5% on OTC emergency contraceptive

Source: IMS 2014



Pharmacy Students

  • Annual number of graduates that become registered / professional pharmacists:3,500
  • Specific pharmacy related national entrance examination: No
  • Total number of universities with a pharmacy school: 25
  • Length of course: 4 years
  • Diplomas: Masters Degree
  • Fee per year: maximum £9,000
Source: www.pharmine.org, WBA internal resources