Learning from abroad:


INR service in UK and France


For around a million people in the UK who take anticoagulation treatments like Warfarin, regular trips to the GP or clinic for INR blood tests are a normal part of life. Now, for some, it has become easier because they can visit a pharmacy to get their INR test with a pharmacist.


In pharmacies, using the CoaguCheck XS Plus system, a measurement can be made in less than 1 minute of the patient's INR value with a drop of blood. With the result, the pharmacist can make an adjustment to treatment on the spot while speaking directly to the patient. At the same time, results are entered onto the pharmacy system and the next appointment is booked.


This service was launched in Brighton in the UK in 2009 and there are now more than 2,500 patients enrolled. An annual survey in 2011 has measured an overall 98% patient satisfaction rate and on average each of the anticoagulation clinics in Brighton is seeing 7 to 10 patients a day based on 10 minute appointments.


In France a change to the health budget in June 2013 now means pharmacists will be remunerated for a twice year follow up with each patient to provide information about their anti-coagulation treatments. Information is available to Alphega pharmacies about how this service will be supported.


The INR service through pharmacies has improved the access for patients, and reduced their travelling and waiting times through individual appointments. It provides better communication and management for patients on Warfarin and minimises their risk. Moreover, hospitals and GPs can access the results, allowing for better transfer of patients between primary and secondary care and vice versa.


INR service in UK and france