EPF Founder


Ornella Barra

A pharmacist by profession, Ornella Barra has always supported a European and transversal approach towards the pharmaceutical profession. The European Pharmacists Forum was set up in 1999 and its members meet on a quarterly basis. Ten countries are represented within the Forum: UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland and Germany.


The main aim of the EPF is to facilitate the ongoing exchange of ideas between pharmacists and dialogue with the public authorities and manufacturers and to promote the idea of a "community pharmacy". The Forum also helps to strengthen the association between Walgreens Boots Alliance and pharmacists and the development of the Company's portfolio of services for European pharmacists.


As Co-Chief Operating Officer for Walgreens Boots Alliance, Ornella considers her involvement in the EPF as a personal priority. She regularly attends the quarterly meetings and embraces the organisation's values.


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